how to relax before bed

How To Relax Before Bed – Have You Tried These Tips Before?

Do you find it difficult to wind down at night? Some days it’s harder than others, depending on the day’s events. Time moves quickly, and we have to give ourselves a chance to relax before trying to fall asleep. How do you relax before going to bed? Perhaps you can benefit from some of these tips to help you doze off at night and get your beauty sleep.

First, it is of course important that we all get our 7-8 hours of sleep. If you don’t, you’re going to find it much easier in the coming days to relax and go to bed. Yet you aren’t going to have enough energy throughout your day. You might for the first few days, but eventually, we all crash and burn without enough sleep.

That being said, when getting your 7-8 hours, sometimes it can be a little difficult to wind down and fall asleep as mentioned. Have you tried deep breathing exercises? That may sound a little generic, but many experts recommend it as at least a solution to try out with other relaxation techniques. Yoga and meditation are even recommended.

Personally, I like to pray. But what’s funny is I usually let out a deep breath as I’m adjusting in bed. It’s like one of my quirks, what I do when I get comfortable. Everyone has their bedtime routines, and I need to work on mine for sure so that I am able to wind down better.

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As for those deep breathing exercises, the experts say that making them a habit is what is supposed to work really well. Progressive muscle relaxation is another way you can work on preparing yourself for bed. How do you do that? What you do is tense up each of your muscle groups one at a time, relaxing them afterward. This is a really interesting technique, and something I might want to try.

Yet that last tip and the deep breathing exercises seem to be really focused on helping you to fall asleep. What about a bedtime routine? One thing that I’m sure is suggested by experts isn’t one that I really want to listen to right now myself. I’m sure they would tell us all not to be looking at any type of screen in the last hour before bed.

Personally, I have made progress when it comes to screens because up until a couple of years ago, I used to enjoy falling asleep with the TV still on. Now, I can’t fall asleep with the TV on, so I suppose I could call that progress. But avoiding screens of any kind in the last hour before bed is a little difficult for me. I am usually looking at my tablet, phone, the TV or all three.

In all seriousness, it is a good idea to limit screen time before bed. Then when it comes to your actual bedroom and going to sleep, it is best to have all screens and lights off. I used to also sleep with a light of some kind on, but I don’t do that anymore either. Now, I prefer to have the room completely dark. What about you?

Do you take a shower or a bath before bed? That can really relax you, too. It is soothing and refreshing, helping you to get ready for bed. Sometimes it is difficult to go to sleep when you are still carrying everything from the day on you, including the dirt and grime. Said that way, it really makes you not want to hop in bed without a shower, right?

In all seriousness, washing off before bed and getting ready for the next day is a favorite of many when it comes to a bedtime routine. Some people use aromatherapy via essential oils, too, and lavender is a favorite of many. Have you ever tried out any essential oils?

I can’t say that I have tried an essential oil for bedtime, but it does sound kind of neat to sprinkle a drop of lavender oil on the sheets. Have you ever listened to music while you sleep? I used to have this Mozart CD that I really liked and would listen to it at bedtime. This was years ago. I don’t listen to music anymore while I go to bed, but it is a suggestion from the experts, as long as it’s relaxing music of course.

What I do these days is have the room pitch black and have white noise in the form of a fan. In my case, the AC or the AC fan on is enough, but I also like the idea of having an actual fan blowing on the bed. A cup of hot tea is another recommendation and the list goes on and on for how to prepare for bed. If you ask me, the absolute best way to prepare for bed and fall asleep is to cuddle.

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