is it healthy to listen to music while sleeping

Can Music Help You Sleep And Is Listening To It While Sleeping A Healthy Habit?

Some people listen to music while sleeping. I used to for sure, and I found it to be relaxing, drowning out the sounds outside my room in a comforting way. There are plenty of people who don’t listen to music when sleeping as well, as they find it distracting. I would fall into that category these days, for the most part anyway. So the question remains: Is it healthy to listen to music while sleeping?

As we dive further into the question and look at what the experts have to say, there are many factors to consider. First, what type of music would you listen to while sleeping? Everyone likes different kinds of music, and some are more open to multiple genres than others. That being said, what relaxes one person might not work for another. Yet you would think that while experts might recommend a round of classical music while sleeping, death metal might not be an option they suggest.

As mentioned, however, there might be people out there that think death metal is soothing while sleeping. Everyone is different for sure. I can tell you that I would not be one of those people, but that doens’t mean they aren’t out there. The point can be made though that any music that is arousing in any way or contemptious in any way would certainly not facilitate sleeping.

Before you start to think that there might not be any options aside from classical music, if that, let’s look at a situation that may not have come to mind just yet. Parents help babies sleep using lullabies. Naturally, you’re not going to want to play lullabies for yourself, but it does make a point that music can be soothing and help individuals sleep.

Try this: Think about what music motivates you to take action, and then think about what music would be soothing to you, prompting you to relax. People have mixes of workout songs that they like to take to the gym. It wouldn’t be the same playlist that they used for going to sleep, not necessarily anyway.

Maybe you have yet to think about specific songs that might help soothe you when sleeping or getting ready to sleep. This could be a lot of fun. You could look through your collection of music picking out songs and then making a playlist. People use all different types of devices these days for music, and so you might have to do a workaround to compile a playlist if you don’t own the songs on an iPod or a similar device.

Yet you could also find a great station that streams the type of music you are looking for. That would take the fun out of creating a playlist, but it’s an idea. Now that you have a game plan if you want to try this method out, let’s look at more of what the experts have to say.

First, the experts do say that music can help people sleep. Not only that, but it can affect both the quality of your sleep and the quantity of hours you sleep each day. Does music trigger certain brain chemicals to help soothe you and relax you? The method to the madness so to speak isn’t quite clear the experts say, but it still works. That’s good to know, especially if you enjoy listening to music close to bedtime.

You might have been wondering if it was helping or hindering your sleep. Now you know it can help you, but it does matter the type of music you’re listening to of course. Only you know what music soothes and relaxes you, but you certainly want to be honest with yourself if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

Aside from classical music, jazz is often recommended as well. Then there is folk music, and with those three genres, you can find a ton of selections to choose from. You are going to have a great time looking at what music you want to play as you get ready to go to sleep. Prepare to enter dreamland, and let the music be your guide as you get a good night’s sleep every single time.

Music is said to help slow down breathing and keep your heart rate lower. That is good for winding down and going to sleep. That is part of the evidence suggested, but as mentioned, the rest is less clear. It’s more about what people know after a little trial and error.

I can certainly attest to the fact that music has helped me sleep in the past. I might even want to try it again soon after preparing this piece. It is calming for sure if you’re a music lover. I am a music lover for sure. Sometimes you just never know if something is going to work until you’re willing to try it out.

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